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Virtual Online Escape Rooms

The rising popularity of escape rooms has made it difficult to find a genuinely new experience. At Lockbox Escape Rooms, we have created an escape room where you can play from home or on the road. With our new online escape rooms, you get the most exciting, technology-integrated escape rooms in the online space. With built-in technology like mobile scanning, video chat, and augmented reality, Lockbox brings life to your escape room—or rooms—from the comfort of your own home. So challenge yourself, enjoy quality time with friends and family, or celebrate corporate success with an innovative corporate team-building activity.

Virtual Online Team Building

Working in a virtual environment can sometimes feel like being in limbo. Building trust is challenging when everybody is doing a good job, but nobody is sitting together. Virtual Team Building activities are perfect for bringing remote teams together. At Lockbox Escape Rooms, our virtual platform allows people to learn about their colleagues, who they’re working with, and how they work. People will get more from the experience than just a fun experience. They will build new relationships that can be carried on into the workplace, boosting productivity, efficiency, morale, and engagement.

Corporate Team Building Activities for Large and Small Groups

Benefits of Lockbox Virtual Team-Building Activities

Virtual team-building activities are a great way to increase team spirit while maintaining the flexibility of working from home. Getting on with your colleagues is crucial when you’re working remotely, and virtual team-building sessions bring all the benefits of an office away day without having to leave the comfort of your own home.

Whether you’re playing with your small team, department, or entire corporate office, our online team-building activities are designed to:

  • Promote teamwork
  • Boost employee morale
  • Encourage team communication
  • Build problem-solving skills
  • Promote inter-department collaboration
  • Reduce stress levels
  • Promote socialization

Get Ready To Play & Solve The Puzzle

Whether you’re an avid escape room enthusiast or just looking for a new way to experience the thrill of the chase, our unique themed rooms are sure to deliver an unforgettable experience. Get your team together and be the team to finish the puzzle the fastest!

Verify Your Instructions

Your designated Game Master will send your team a Zoom invite before your event.

Learn Your
Mission Brief

Your team will be briefed on your mission’s details, navigation adventures, and more. Then, you’ll receive the password to enter your online escape room.

Remember To Ask for Help When Needed

Your Game Master will be live throughout the game to help when needed.

Have FUN escaping your online virtual escape room together

Best Online Team Building Activities

At Lockbox, we provide companies with customized and innovative online interactive experiences that make multiplayer games more fun and team-building activities more engaging. Our online escape rooms allow team members to connect and interact with each other in a completely immersive environment. Plus, they’re available 24/7, and your remote team can join wherever they’re located.

CIA Taskforce



Vampire Hunters

Gallery Heist


Order of Illusionists

Principals Office

CIA Taskforce: The Gamer

Your team was recently assigned a mission to track down an infamous assassin. Time is running out, and you must figure out how to escape before becoming its next victim.

Timeline: Save the Future

Try to solve these puzzles as you bring back the nostalgia of the 80s as you sing along to your favorite songs of the decade.


You are the closest friends of a man who has been convicted of brutally murdering his girlfriend. The only way to prove his innocence is to defuse the bomb, break into the prison, and disable the gas chamber before it activates.

Vampire Hunters

Your team of vampire hunters has tracked the creature to its hidden lair. As sunset approaches, you must work quickly to rid the world of this cursed being forever.

Gallery Heist

You have one hour before a museum manager is taken in and charged with stealing a valuable painting. You must recover the stolen work and find the real thief. Good luck!


It’s that time of year again: the holidays. You only have one hour before the new year comes, and it ruins everyone’s festive moods! Can you be the one to save Holidayland?

Order of Illusionists

From the moment you wanted to become an illusionist, you have heard stories of a secret society of master magicians. No one knows who they are, who is a member or how to become one. You have finally been contacted and given instructions. You must pass a series of tests handed down to you from the best illusionists ever to live. 

Principals Office

Your teacher warned you time and again to pay attention. You didn’t listen to her and wanted to have fun and play on your phone. Now you find yourself in the principals office about to be suspended and have this incident put on your permanent record.  You are good kids and the principal doesn’t want to suspend you if possible. He has made a deal, if you can learn his lesson he is trying to teach you and prove it, he will not suspend you and you can go back to class. 

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Why Play Interactive Online Team-Building Activities?

Our online team-building activities help remote teams connect. We engage remote workers to work alongside peers through virtual escape rooms and team challenges to succeed. Online activities are also fun to spend time together as a team, something that otherwise can’t happen in remote teams. 

This improves staff morale, which helps motivate your team members and keep them engaged with your organization.

Whether you’re working with a fully remote team or you’re looking for accessible alternatives to company events, online escape rooms and virtual team-building activities can help. Our online escape rooms and activities encourage people to collaborate in a fun environment, which can later translate to better collaborations in the office.

Virtual Escape Room: Comparison



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Virtual Online Team Building FAQs

Virtual team building is a great way to bring people together and build relationships. It’s also a convenient way to work with people not in the same location, which can be helpful for businesses with global audiences. And it’s a fun way to connect with people you don’t usually get to see, like your employees or coworkers who work remotely.

The number of participants that can participate in a virtual activity depends on the activity. Some activities are designed for a small group, while others can be done with a large group or by one person. Our online team-building activities are designed for groups as small as 5 to super-sized groups of 500 players.

Yes. All participants will receive instructions on how to enter the activity, what to expect, and how to report any issues.

Yes! All our escape rooms are designed to promote social interaction among participants. Since players need to collaborate on ideas and activities to solve the puzzles, everyone on the team will have an opportunity to collaborate.

At least one participant will need a computer with an internet connection in order to navigate and play the game. Our live gamemasters will be be on the call with you via zoom (other video conferencing apps can be used with notification).

It depends on the activity. Some activities and games last up to 60 minutes, while others can go on for longer, depending on the meeting style.

Lockbox Escape Room
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Deepti AgarwalDeepti Agarwal
12:15 15 Nov 22
My son has celebrated his bday 2 years in a row. The staff is friendly, helpful and energetic. Rooms are thrilling and caters to various age groups. Rooms are also big enough to accommodate 10 easily. We have gone their Timeline and CIA task, both were thrilling over my son and his friends. Must visit
Tiffany N. ArangoTiffany N. Arango
20:54 06 Aug 22
This place is fun! My husband and I have done 2 escape rooms here (one prior to COVID and one today), Timeline & CIA Taskforce, with family and friends. The staff are nice, the rooms are fun, and the facility is clean. The waiting room/ lobby area is cozy and inviting.I like the informative video they play prior to staring the escape room. It’s good to give participants information on expectations and tips to maximize the puzzling fun.Cameron was our game master today; he was very friendly and interactive. After we finished our room, he gave us a discount code for future use and gave us more info on other rooms we hadn’t done yet.The online booking process is very simple and convenient. It allows you to search by day, then by room and time. There is a little description for each room. Availability, room info, and prices are clear, and checkout is quick and easy.We will definitely be going back, and hope that they change their rooms somewhat regularly so we can keep going to this location.
Maya GreenMaya Green
02:03 03 Aug 22
Went with 3 other people and had a great time! Our game master was very cool and helpful. We did the CIA room and it was a good challenge but still very enjoyable. We were a little discouraged in the beginning but with our game masters handful of clues, we surprisingly escaped right when the timer hit 0. Such a thrill filled evening, definitely recommend!
Kris KarvelisKris Karvelis
12:25 30 Jul 22
My wife and I went to this escape room on a whim and we are so excited we did. Having done 10+ escape rooms, this place was one of our favorites. The staff is incredible and Sam, our game host was just such a pleasure to work with. We started with Framed and enjoyed it so much we booked Timeline right after! Truly so much fun and definitely can’t wait to get back there to do some more!
Dayannis GuerreroDayannis Guerrero
01:16 20 Jul 22
We had a great time and really enjoyed the experience! We did the Framed Room and it was really cool! Hunter was amazing, super friendly and very helpful, he felt like a teammate. It’s a great place to challenge your mind and spend quality time. We’ll be going back soon to try the other rooms, thanks again Hunter!

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