Lockbox Escape Room - Rooms

  • Timeline

    It is the not too distant future. A giant explosion has taken place releasing a toxin in the air that is wiping out the population of the planet. Your father, a renowned scientist, locked you and your friends inside his bio-hazard safe basement in order to survive. You stumble upon a message basically detailing that your grandfather was the lead scientist on the project that created this apocalyptic attack. Your father, stricken with guilt that he may be related to the man who caused all this destruction developed a time machine in order to go back to when it all started. Before he had a chance to fix everything he became victim to the toxin. Now you and your friends are the worlds last chance. You only have a 60 minute window to find your way back in time and change the past to save the future!

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  • CIA Task Force

    You wake up in a strange room. You look around and see the other members of your CIA investigative team who were recently assigned a mission to track down the infamous assassin named “The Gamer”. He is known for toying with and disposing of those who attempt to catch him. He has never failed to carry out any of his hired assignments and is widely considered the most dangerous assassin alive. He considers his opponent’s pawns that can be sacrificed in his game. The last thing you remember is going to sleep the night before. When you awake you are stuck in a room with your team and there is a timer counting down. What does that mean? Can you figure out where you are, why you are there and a way out before the clock hits zero? Will you be the next pawn sacrificed? Good Luck!

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  • Stolen

    We can customize our theme to work with your event! The generic storyline is that something valuable has been stolen and the thief has given you a way to retrieve it. You will work together to try and solve the puzzles left behind while competing individually! This is a great team building event, birthday or party activity.

    Pricing: Custom – Depends on event specifics such as number of people, logistics, etc. A corporate coordinator can contact you to get more details.

    We can host up to 100 people at any one time and are the only ones in the South Florida Area offering this at the moment.

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