NEW Online Experiences!



There will be a live game-master inside the room that you will be able to control virtually. You will be able to dictate how you want to interact with the items that you find,insert combinations and use the game-master as an avatar similar to a video game. You will have access to a 360 degree virtual tour so you can explore the room on your own or you can tell the game-master where you want to go.


This is a unique mixture between a live-stream and video game. It allows you to interact with the items in the room as you dictate what you want to do through the usage of video, picture and a live interaction with the game-master. You will have access to the same 360 degree virtual tour as the live-stream so you can explore the room on your own. Many players prefer this option as it is cheaper and provides a more organized and streamlined approach.

Lockbox Escape Room presents New Online Gaming Experiences!


This is a completely online interactive experience. You DO NOT need to come into our storefront to play this game. You will need a reliable computer with internet connectivity. You will be interacting with a live Game master who will help you navigate the experience virtually. Experience times are Eastern Standard Time 

CIA Taskforce – Room Scenario:

You wake up in a strange room. You look around and see the other members of your CIA investigative team who were recently assigned a mission to track down the infamous assassin named “The Gamer”. He is known for making a fool of and killing those who attempt to catch him and he has never failed to carry out any of his hired assignments. He considers his opponent’s pawns that can be sacrificed in his game. The last thing you remember is going to sleep the night before. When you awake you are stuck in a room with your team and there is a timer counting down. What does that mean? Can you figure out where you are, why you are there and a way out before the clock hits zero? Will you be the next pawn sacrificed? Good Luck!








Timeline – Room Scenario:

It’s the not-too-distant future. A giant explosion has taken place releasing a toxin in the air that’s wiping out the planet’s population. Your father, a renowned scientist, locked you and your friends inside his bio-hazard safe basement in order to survive. You stumble upon a message basically detailing that your grandfather was the lead scientist on the project that created this apocalyptic attack. Your father, stricken with guilt that he may be related to the man who caused all this destruction, developed a time machine to go back to when it all started. Before he had a chance to fix everything, he became victim to the toxin. Now you and your friends are the world’s last chance. You only have a 60-minute window to find your way back through time and change the past to save the future!



Framed – Room Scenario:

Your friend has been convicted of brutally murdering his girlfriend. He was sentenced to execution by gas chamber. In his final hour, he still maintains that he has been framed for the murder but no one will believe him. The person who set him up has planted a bomb to destroy all evidence of his innocence. Time is running out as the bomb is set to explode and the gas released to send you friend to his death. You and his closest friends are his last chance at survival. Do you have what it takes to diffuse the bomb, find a way to break into prison and disable the gas chamber before it activates? You are his last hope! Good Luck! 

Online Hybrid Experiences: $49.99 for first 2 connections. Each additional connection is $4.99. We can accommodate unlimited participants. *This is the preferred option for many of our customers.

Live-Stream Experiences: $49.99 for first 2 connections. $24.99 each additional connection. We can accommodate up to 6 different connections for this option.

*We do offer group pricing for the Live-Stream option. If you book 5 or more connections the price will drop from $24.99 to $19.99 for each additional connection. 


or by calling us today to book at – 954.533.2933

*Even though we can accommodate unlimited amount of participants for our hybrid option, we do recommend a max number of participants per room to be 10. We can run multiple rooms at the same time to accommodate large groups if preferred. We leave it to your discretion.