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Beth - Gamemaster


Hi! I'm Beth. I'm a single mom to a 13 year old boy (who's my escape room partner) and two furry girls (our dogs). I think I'm the most "leveled up" member of the staff at 44 years old, er, I mean levels. I hope you have a great day!

Paypal: comet9443@yahoo.com
Gamemaster Brittany


Escape game enthusiast, Game Master, concert lover, and single mom from the New Orleans, LA area.
Zelle: youbecoool@gmail.com


Dawn - Gamemaster


As well as running virtual escape rooms for Lockbox Escape, I also work as an escape room host for Clue Cracker in Tunbridge Wells (UK) guiding people to escape jail, steal a diamond, or break the curse of a temple. I am also a reviewer for ESCAPETHEROOMers that gives me an excuse to embrace my love of escape rooms and meeting new people even further.

When I’m not locked in a room you’ll find me on the dance floor, exploring the great outdoors in the UK and abroad or with a ticket to the most random and quirky activity that I can find…. and if there is any excuse to wear a costume then that suits me even more.


Hello hello! If you've made it here, congrats! You worked your way outside of the box! My name is Ericka. I currently reside in Miami, Florida and have been in the finance field for nearly a decade. I enjoy listening to music and recently added a new member to my family, my 4-legged pal named Baby Girl!
Gamemaster Harry


Having some years of experience in escape rooms has truly shown me that my passion lies in puzzle solving and critical thinking. Having an expressed interest in games and stories, I like to add a little something more with everyone I meet that would make their day special and worth smiling for. I hope we can play many rooms together!
Paypal: hrwise08@gmail.com
Gamemaster Kirk


Howdy! I'm Kirk, I was born and raised in Southeast Texas, right off of the Gulf. I have been gamemastering escape games since 2013 and have completed over 100 live escape rooms. I'm currently working with haunted houses and immersive venues to bring thrills and chills to the masses. Thanks for coming!


This is Paige, your Jersey girl!! I’m a twin and a devoted aunt to three nieces. I’m a licensed hairstylist and makeup artist. I love collecting Funko Pops and playing video games!!!!


Hello! I am Ross the Boss AKA Rossome Sauce. I am a college student currently enrolled at Full Sail University, majoring in Show Production. I am 20 years old and have recently gotten into actually playing escape rooms. I have done about 70 rooms now. I hope you enjoyed your experience! Have a blessed day

Gamemaster Bri


A theatre nerd who is a little too obsessed with Genshin Impact, anime, and occasionally, drawing :).


I am in school for a live production engineering degree and love horror movies


Assistant Store Manager/Gamemaster
Fan of horror movies, escape rooms, and musicals. Also enjoys naps and dogs.


Other than having an obsession with wanting to do escape rooms, I also enjoy making tea, playing games, going herping, and playing my flute (sometimes). Another major thing to know about me is I own a ton of reptiles and some amphibians and that is by far my favorite hobby of all time; escape rooms being close second.

Kjirstin (KJ)

Assistant Store Manager/Gamemaster
A casual nerd and aspiring actor, I enjoy all the digital delights like anime, comics, manga, and of course games! Also have a soft spot for all things cute and fluffy.


Store Manager
Florida native, Mom of two humans and this furry guy Harley. Addicted to escape rooms, murder podcasts and thriller movies. Loves to travel, favorite escape room, El Metro in Paris, France. Paypal: Samjane9612@gmail.com
Zelle: Samjane9612@gmail.com