Escape Room Sign Up – Backup

Welcome to your Online Escape Room Experience!

What is an Online Escape Room?

Our online escape room experience transfers the fun and excitement of a live experience to an interactive, virtual environment. The immersive 3D interface enables players to explore the room independently, while working collaboratively with their team to gather information, solve puzzles and advance through the game – just like the real thing!

Do you have what it takes to work together with your team and use your collective minds (with a possible hint or two from our Gamemasters), to accomplish the task? Good Luck! 

Technical requirements:

  1. Internet connection required
  2. A computer (MAC or PC) is required.
  3. You MUST be running the latest version of Zoom for this event. There is a feature that allows you to join your group in their private breakout room that is only on the most recent update and is needed for this event. Please update to the latest version of Zoom before proceeding to registration. You can watch a quick video on how to update here:

Download Zoom

I have downloaded the newest version of zoom and can proceed
(registration cannot continue until you have updated zoom and checked the box)

Step 1

Organize your team and make sure everyone arrives on time and together. Please pick a team leader who will be sharing their screen with the rest of the team. Whoever is the most computer savvy should be elected as team leader.

Step 2

Everyone on your team needs to fill out this registration form. If you are a solo player, you still need to fill out the form.