Team Building Through an Escape Room

3 Reasons Escape Rooms Are Increasing In Popularity

There is a growing trend around the United States and that is the ever-increasing popularity of escape rooms. Escape Rooms bring together 2-10 teams and players are required to solve puzzles and complete other tasks to escape a themed room.

Whether it’s birthday parties or corporate outings, the rise of escape rooms is evident. Using logic, collaborative thinking and attention to detail, players have been captivated by the adventure of escape rooms.

Escape room locations have been popping up everywhere and there are thousands of them now worldwide. Why are they becoming so popular? Check out the top 3 reasons why Escape Rooms are seeing an increase in popularity:

  1. A New Form of Entertainment

While going out to the movies or a bar is still a common night out, people have grown accustomed to the same routine. Not only are Escape Rooms a vastly different experience, but people are yearning for memories as opposed to material items.

Escape Rooms offer a memorable experience with loved ones or friends. In addition, people enjoy things that make them feel smart and make them think. When you figure out a way to escape, there is a certain adrenaline rush that comes along with that. So, escape rooms provide a unique memory and are a new form of entertainment that emphasizes logic and reasoning.

  1. People Love Competition and Games

The video game industry has been a powerhouse for quite some time. With the rise of role playing games and the ability to face off against people all over the world in video games such as Call of Duty and Halo, escape rooms offer a real-life video game experience.

Whether its sports, video games or board games, people enjoy competitive experiences. Escape rooms are an excellent way for companies, groups or families to have a fun and friendly night in a competitive setting. Human beings have a desire to play games that are both social and physical, and escape rooms are a force that combines both factors.

Escape rooms are one of the few experiences where people can be mentally stimulated in a competitive nature, while also knowing it’s still just a game. Escape Rooms create ways for players to directly connect with one another.

  1. The Narrative of an Escape Room is a Big Draw

While some people are attracted to escape rooms for the entertainment, the real life video game experience or competitive aspect, people are also flocking to escape rooms due to the narrative and theme.

The themes differ at the various establishments, from horror to modern times to zombie, which draw people to the room. The theme of the room produces intrigue and interest for consumers, who enjoy the experience of being thrilled or scared in addition to the competition and critical thinking aspects.

The increasing popularity of escape rooms all over the world is evident. Escape rooms offer a new form of entertainment, provide people with competition and a real-life video game feel in a themed environment.  If you haven’t been to an escape room yet, it is a must try experience.

5 Affordable Things to do in South Florida

Want to have fun in South Florida without breaking the bank?

We’ve got the ultimate list of activities and fun things to do in South Florida without having to empty your wallet, from Fort Lauderdale to Miami. South Florida can be very expensive and doing all the run of the mill touristy stuff can get old. Maximizing your fun while using the least amount of funds is not easy, but there are plenty of affordable options throughout South Florida.

The following are the top 5 affordable things to do in South Florida.

Escape Rooms

Escape rooms have seen a massive increase in popularity over the last couple of years. Themed escape rooms from zombie apocalypse to CIA missions, escape rooms are an affordable and exciting night out.

Lockbox Escape Room in Davie offers an inexpensive escape room experience, with three different themed rooms. Lockbox is a great way to hang out with family and friends in a collaborative effort where you can solve problems, uncover clues and crack codes as a team.

Escape rooms are a unique way to have fun and challenge yourself while not emptying your wallet. If you are looking for an exciting new adventure that is affordable and different this weekend, book an escape room experience. Visit for more details.

Wynwood Walls

Miami may be known for its beaches and partying, but there is also a vibrant art scene that really showcases the culture of Miami.

The Wynwood Walls features some of the world’s best artists working in the graffiti and street art genre to Miami. There are over 50 artists representing 16 different countries and over 80,000 square feet walls have been covered by this beautiful art since its inception in 2010.

You can have a great time just walking around and viewing all the unique and beautiful art in the Wynwood district. It is completely free to look at the art, however you may want to bring some money for food, drinks or cool souvenirs. Visit for more details.

Team Building Through an Escape Room

Building a Strong Team

In order to build a strong, effective team it takes getting to know who’s on your team and finding out what each and every one of your team mates is made of. To achieve success within a group for a time limited assignment, it’s imperative the leader is prepared ahead of time for the task equipped with a well-mixed and able group of strategists offering a promising outcome.

  Escape Rooms for Building Teams

Not only is it important to find out a person’s strengths in order to best utilize what they have to offer, it’s downright logical. If I were counting on a group of people to save my life, I would certainly hope for a team willing to give all they’ve got to aid in my rescue and have the knowledge, wisdom and dedication to do so. Team leaders and employers should be thinking this same way when recruiting.

All people are created differently, yet all are naturally skilled in some areas. Finding the perfect collection of the much needed skills required to solve a problem or accomplish a group effort is a significant part of the full equation. Attitude and creativity are other prerequisites in determining the “right” members for an effective team. ‘One bad apple can ruin a whole barrel’. Identifying the bad attitudes early on will save a lot of time and, in many cases, a whole lot of money in the long run.

Escape rooms have become a popular and fun way for businesses, sports teams, social organizations and other types of groups to improve performance and team relationships. It helps to develop groups effectively by identifying and exercising the following attributes:
  • Communication: (Oral Direction and Listening) The escape room truly reveals a person’s ability and willingness to communicate throughout this exercise.
  • Leadership: (Ability to delegate, identify individual team member’s strengths and their willingness to put the needs of the assignment as highest priority, ability to help to keep the morale positive throughout the assignment and mediate with wisdom) The escape room leader will be forced to rely on the efforts of his team, but will be strongly influenced by his ability to lead.
  • Creative Thinking: (“Think outside of the box”) Escape rooms are developed with clever insight. Therefore, using innovative thinking will be a useful tool for making the escape.
  • Cooperation: Working together in harmony is key. Selfish ambition will not aid in assisting the team to solve the quest. Escape rooms will amplify the group member’s characteristics for working as a team.
  • Confidence: Teammates remaining positive, assertive and determined throughout the assignment will improve the outcome whether success or failure..
  • Humility: During an assignment, game or any task, the highest priority is focusing on accomplishing your mission and forgetting about one’s own importance in order to meet the needs of the team and accomplishing the final objective.

How Do Escape Rooms Help Build Teams?

Each and every player in an escape room will be forced to quickly analyze, offer ideas and suggest plans of action throughout the game. As all team members are feeling the same pressure of confusion and limited time to escape, the assignment will reveal how each member will perform under pressure and their ability to strategize and remain stable throughout the assignment. Obviously, if a teammate is showing a lack of ability to remain committed, focused or continue as a positive reinforcement throughout the mission, this may be an indication that the type of work or physical initiative is not a good match for the person (or more importantly, not a strong link for the company or team).

Escape Rooms Aren’t Only Effective but FUN!

Escape rooms are rapidly rising up all over the country. Here in South Florida, Lockbox Escape Room has been entertaining a vast audience with 3 popular escape rooms:

Timeline Escape Room

This room provides a mission into the future where a massive explosion has taken place that’s released toxins into the air causing population elimination in massive numbers. As a descendent of a lead scientist who was involved in creating the attack, you and your team are the world’s last chance for avoiding permanent destruction.

CIA Task Force Escape Room

The CIA Task Force room is about ‘The Gamer’. He is known for toying with and disposing of anyone who gets into his path. This man is the most dangerous assassin alive. You and your team must come up with a strategy to defeat this destructive force within 60 minutes or else the world will reap the effects.

Stolen Escape Room

Something extremely valuable has been stolen! You and your team have been assigned the investigation to finding the missing item. This is a mobile/pop up game with the ability to host up to 100 people at a time! Lockbox Escape Room in Davie, Florida is the only escape room offering this type of game and opportunity. Again, you must solve the puzzle within one hour. Can you handle the challenge?

Why Choose Escape Rooms for Team Building?

Escape rooms have been helping businesses and other important groups since the inception of the escape room game concept when it began in Japan in 2010. The Big Bang Theory helped to launched the trend in 2015. Escape rooms help to emphasize the importance for identifying all team members’ strengths, working together and ‘thinking outside the box’. Not only are escape room games great for teambuilding, but they are also a great way to celebrate birthdays, bachelor or bachelorette parties, family outings, sports team exercises and more. Find out more about reserving an escape room for your group by calling 954-533-2933 or visit today.