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07 March 2018

The Top 3 Most Popular Escape Room Themes

Over the last 5 years, escape rooms having been popping up all over America as they increase in popularity. People enjoy the challenge, adventure and most importantly, the various themes associated with the rooms.

The United States currently has the most escape rooms in the world, offering over 240 different rooms around the country.

Due to pop culture, escape rooms sometimes mirror popular shows, such as the Walking Dead or the movie “Saw.” They represent an evolution of what it means to engage with a simulated environment, basically real-life video games.

While people are coming for the rush and excitement, the theme is a major factor in the attraction of an escape room. Here are the 3 most popular escape room narratives:


  • Escape from the Unpleasant

This comes as no surprise as horror movies, science fiction shows and really anything featuring creatures such as zombie or werewolves are tremendously popular in the United States.

Around 30% of escape rooms are escaping from an unpleasant place, such as a prison or dungeon, or escaping from something dangerous, such as a zombie or the supernatural.

The unpleasant narrative provides people with an adrenaline rush and let’s them interact with some of their favorite monsters. It’s no surprise that these types of escape rooms are the most popular ones.


  • Escaping from the Room

Although the most popular type of escape room is freeing yourself from an unpleasant place or creature, the second most popular type of escape room isn’t a theme- it’s just escaping the room in general.

This is where the use of people’s critical thinking skills, ability to solve clues and problems, and time management comes into play. They simply want to solve the puzzle before time runs out. The overall challenge of the room is their favorite narrative.

They are still escaping from a room, but there isn’t necessarily a pop culture element associated with the room. These type of escape rooms make up 16 percent of escape rooms.


  • Escape from the Supernatural

In addition to escaping from the unpleasant and just escaping a general room, people really enjoy escaping from the supernatural.

With popular television shows such as “Supernatural” and “Stranger Things,” it’s obvious why an escape room featuring the supernatural would be sought after.

Whether it’s ghosts, demons or monsters, the supernatural theme makes up 8% of all escape rooms.


As you can see, escape rooms are very popular in the US as new themes and ideas emerge in this budding entertainment activity.