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07 March 2018

Why Do People Fall In Love With Escape Rooms

There is a growing trend around the United States and that is the ever-increasing popularity of escape rooms. Escape Rooms bring together 2-10 teams and players are required to solve puzzles and complete other tasks to escape a themed room.

Whether it’s birthday parties or corporate outings, the rise of escape rooms is evident. Using logic, collaborative thinking and attention to detail, players have been captivated by the adventure of escape rooms.

Escape room locations have been popping up everywhere and there are thousands of them now worldwide. Why are they becoming so popular? Check out the top 3 reasons why Escape Rooms are seeing an increase in popularity:


  1. A New Form of Entertainment

While going out to the movies or a bar is still a common night out, people have grown accustomed to the same routine. Not only are Escape Rooms a vastly different experience, but people are yearning for memories as opposed to material items.

Escape Rooms offer a memorable experience with loved ones or friends. In addition, people enjoy things that make them feel smart and make them think. When you figure out a way to escape, there is a certain adrenaline rush that comes along with that. So, escape rooms provide a unique memory and are a new form of entertainment that emphasizes logic and reasoning.


  1. People Love Competition and Games

The video game industry has been a powerhouse for quite some time. With the rise of role playing games and the ability to face off against people all over the world in video games such as Call of Duty and Halo, escape rooms offer a real-life video game experience.

Whether its sports, video games or board games, people enjoy competitive experiences. Escape rooms are an excellent way for companies, groups or families to have a fun and friendly night in a competitive setting. Human beings have a desire to play games that are both social and physical, and escape rooms are a force that combines both factors.

Escape rooms are one of the few experiences where people can be mentally stimulated in a competitive nature, while also knowing it’s still just a game. Escape Rooms create ways for players to directly connect with one another.


  1. The Narrative of an Escape Room is a Big Draw

While some people are attracted to escape rooms for the entertainment, the real life video game experience or competitive aspect, people are also flocking to escape rooms due to the narrative and theme.

The themes differ at the various establishments, from horror to modern times to zombie, which draw people to the room. The theme of the room produces intrigue and interest for consumers, who enjoy the experience of being thrilled or scared in addition to the competition and critical thinking aspects.

The increasing popularity of escape rooms all over the world is evident. Escape rooms offer a new form of entertainment, provide people with competition and a real-life video game feel in a themed environment.  If you haven’t been to an escape room yet, it is a must try experience.