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07 March 2018

Harry Potter And Other Interesting Escape Room Themes Around the World

Escape Rooms are popping up all over the United States as well as the rest of the world. They offer a unique way to have fun with family and friends in a challenging environment. People head to these escape rooms seeking a good time and an avenue to utilize their critical thinking skills amongst their peers.

However, another very popular draw of the escape rooms are the cool and interesting themes that they have, such as popular television shows or events.

Check out the 3 most interesting escape room themes around the World


  1. Harry Potter Escape Room

Harry Potter is one of the most popular book and movie series of all time, spawning numerous rides, clothing and even a theme park. It’s no surprise that a Harry Potter escape room has opened up. Currently, there is one in Novi, Michigan that features popular themes from the book. You start out in “Azkaban Prison” and have to make your way out.

There are other Harry Potter style escape rooms around the country where people can get their magic fix and enjoy the wizardry of Harry Potter.


  1. The Walking Dead Escape Room

The most popular show on television currently, The Walking Dead, has millions of fans after 7 seasons of episodes. The Walking Dead has popularized zombies and made the “living dead” a big part of pop culture.

Of course, with the rise in escape rooms, Walking Dead themed rooms are now popular. There is one in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina features a 60-minute escape room challenge where you have to solve puzzles, manipulate objects and search for hidden clues all while you have the distraction of zombies circling the room.

While you are trying to escape, the “walkers” are haunting and pressuring you. Hopefully, you don’t make any mistakes before you crack the code.


  1. Saw Escape Room


The Saw movies are one of the most successful and popular franchises of all time. There have been 8 movies, with the 8th and final installment released in October.

These bloody movies pretty much are a real-life escape room as people in the movie have to work together to escape where they are or they won’t make it out alive.

Saw fans and horror fanatics will love the escape room that opened up in Montreal. In this style of escape room, participants are handcuffed and blindfolded, which really ups the scare factor. Then, you are placed in a dark room where you have an hour to escape while there are weapons and other surprises in the room.


Escape Rooms continue to rise in popularity and interesting themes like Harry Potter, Walking Dead and Saw will continue to emerge.