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07 March 2018

An Escape Room World Tour – The Best From Around The Globe

People who want to enjoy an hour of entertainment while truly engaged with the process may turn to an escape room. These rooms are designed with multiple puzzles that you and your friends have to solve before you can move onto the next step of the process. You have a limited amount of time to figure out all of the puzzles so that you can beat the challenge within your time limit. Numerous escape rooms have popped up around the world, but some of the best include:


Roomscape (Stockholm, Sweden)


This popular destination boasts some of the largest escape rooms in the world with seven different scenarios that you can enjoy such as escaping from a zombie apocalypse or serial killer. Every room has its own unique theme with different puzzles and clues. The wonderful creators make you feel immersed in whatever scenario you choose for 60 minutes or longer.


The Real Escape Game (San Francisco, CA)


This escape room compares your experience to that of being in a movie and includes some rooms that are based on movies. For example, the facility currently has a room based on Pacific Rim in which you are required to take command from the Shatterdome mission control center to try to prevent the world’s annihilation. You can utilize the gadgets within the room to complete your mission before time runs out. The game’s creators say that you must solve puzzles and interact with the room to succeed.


The Escaperoom (Scandinavia)


This escape room is in the picturesque Netherlands. What sets it apart from other locations is the fine attention to details. The rooms are furnished with period pieces that make you feel transported to another era or unique set in Dr. Steiner’s Lab or the Girl’s Room for an eerie feeling.  This room provides an excellent experience with its attention to detail.


Escape the Room (Boston, MA)


Escape the Room provides elaborate escape rooms that make participants feel like they have been transported into underground facilities or ancient ruins. Intricate puzzles help you move onto the next stage of the game, often entering a new room into itself. Elaborate puzzles make the game challenging for everyone. While many escape rooms provide hints to help you move to the next stage, Escape the Room provides an interface in which the operators type in clues to the participants so that the hints are based on their progress, making it a more personalized experience.


Lockbox Escape Room (Davie, FL) 


And of course, no list is complete without the Lockbox Escape Room! Our escape room offers immersive experiences that range from a toxic outbreak to a gallery heist to a secret society of illusionists. We also provide a room for wannabe detectives in our CIA Task Force. You are sure to enjoy every minute of your high-paced adventure!